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See What You’re Missing Up Close With The Latest Daily Multifocal Contact Lenses!

If you are having difficulty seeing in dim light and small print is getting tougher to make out you may be a good candidate to try one of the new multi focal (bifocal) soft daily disposable contact lenses.

Presbyopia is a condition that happens to everyone over time, usually after age 40. It can lead to symptoms of near vision difficulty especially trying to read things like menus, books, newspapers or text messages on your cell phone. Others also have dry eyes, headaches and eye strain especially trying to focus up close.

Well we now have the very newest soft daily disposable contact lenses for presbyopia and they are available in trial lenses, often in stock to get the same day as your appointment, to try and experience the latest in technology and optics with high success rates. There are 4 brand names to choose from and Dr.Krill will advice you based on your prescription and symptoms which is best for you.

The 4 that we have available for you are:

1. One Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal contacts

2. Bausch and Lomb Biotrue One Day for Presbyopia

3. Ciba Dailies Aquacomfort Plus Multifocal lenses

4. Cooper Vision Proclear 1 Day Multifocal lenses

Or if you prefer we also have both two week and monthly replacement multifocal contacts. The advantage of replacing your contacts daily is to have a very fresh clean lens on your eye which really eliminates irritations and infections from deposits and filmy coatings. These lenses have come down in price, often have good rebates, and you will save money on not having to buy expensive contact lens solutions.