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Home » What's New » PureVision 2 for Presbyopia by Bausch & Lomb is now available!

We now carry the very newest multifocal (Bifocal) disposable contact lens for patients over 40 having trouble seeing clear up close, which is PureVision 2 for Presbyopia by Bausch & Lomb.

This is a new multifocal contact lens that provides a clear view of the real world. It is designed to improve near and intermediate vision while continuing to provide excellent distance vision along with exceptional comfort. The new design allows for a more natural visual experience including clear vision for working at your computer or mobile device. This great contact lens also optimizes your distance vision for driving or seeing far across the room and is approved for extended wear.

So if you are looking for a multifocal contact lens that offers a real world solution for clear near, far, and everywhere in between, have no desire to wear readers, rely on digital devices every day, or are dissatisfied with your current contact lenses, please give Dr. Krill's office a call to set up an appointment for a trial pair of PureVision 2 for Presbyopia contact lenses today!

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