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High Definition Progressive & Single Vision Lenses

High Definition technology has enhanced the television viewing experience by setting a new standard for picture clarity. Now we can provide that type of experience for our patients' entire visual lives- with new ZEISS experience HDV progressive and single vision HD lenses.

Freeform manufacturing with proprietary ZEISS real-time design software optimizes each lens for the individual patient's optical requirements. The result is a lens that meets the patient's specific needs in ways that ordinary lenses can't, for wider fields of clearer, sharper vision, and viewing zones properly sized to any frame.

Our ZEISS Experience HD progressive lenses gives you up to 30% larger fields of clear vision compared to ordinary progressive lenses. Patented ZEISS progressive Freeform technology places all of the optics on the back surface of the lens. This reduces "swim" effects and prevents any misalignment of optics between the front and back surfaces. This will greatly diminish the problems of blurry peripheral vision and also provides a larger reading and intermediate area even in smaller frame sizes. These great ZEISS HD lenses are now also available in self tinting lenses and polarized sun wear to protect your eyes against harmful solar UV rays!

So make an appointment with Dr. Krill for a thorough eye examination and then see one of our experienced licensed opticians to learn more about our new ZEISS HD Lenses- a new definition of clarity!